IMSL Software - OEM Products and Services

IMSL Software develops software for exchanging data between PCs and handheld digital devices such as electronic organizers, PDAs, and digital cameras.

We supply customized versions of our software products XLink/Win and CASIF/Win under license to OEMs in various countries around the world who package them for sale with their cables and accessory products. Volume discounts are available. Send a message to for more information on how to get started as a licensed OEM.

Some current OEMs:

Windows Link Inc (USA, California)
CompanionLink (USA, Oregon)
Purple Computing (USA, Oregon)
PC-Link 9600 (Brazil, SP)
Milan Urosevic (Germany)
Util'Pocket (France)
AConectar! (Spain)
PHDComm (India)
DigiCONNECT (India)

IMSL Software also develops custom communications and data management software, and supplies software components to other companies who embed them in their own products. We can usually deliver fully tested PC communications and data synchronization software for a new handheld device in about 6 weeks starting from the preliminary specification. For more information on this, send a message to

IMSL Software can assist in designing communications protocols and producing the specifications to guide developers. Benefit from the experience of many previous designs: here, for example, is the appendix 16 Common Protocol Design Mistakes from our document Guide to Designing Communications Protocols for Exchanging Data and Synchronizing Data Between Handheld Devices and PCs.

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